Friday, January 10, 2014


Over the Christmas break I managed to finish my Simply Solids Bee quilt. The quilting took a while, as I'm sure you can guess by looking at it.

Every 1/4" of this quilt has been quilted. This was only my second time doing ruler work on a quilt and am quite proud of how I did even though it's not perfect.

I sketched out how I envisioned the quilting to go and improvised as I went. I wanted a shattered, broken piece of glass look to the sections of straight line quilting. Each section was framed out first and filled in with straight lines roughly 1/4" apart.

I have to say, I'm really in love with this quilt. I think because it's so different for me. While I have done a number of improv quilts before, this one might be my favorite.

I tried to sneak outside this week and grab a few pictures of it with some natural light and barely got a few pictures before I began to freeze my butt off, so this is what I got for now.

I even made a scrappy binding with some of the random white/cream scraps and a few of the lime, pomegranate and navy fabrics. I never piece my binding with straight seams, I always piece them on the bias. It makes it easier to hand sew it to the back. But for this quilt, it just called for more straight lines instead of all of the angles. Let's just say that I won't be doing that again any time soon.

Quilt Stats:
51" x 50"
Fabrics: assorted solids
Thread: assorting for piecing (since it was a bee) and So Fine #50 - Pearl for machine quilting
Batting: Two layers of Quilter's Dream Orient


  1. It looks amazing! You did such a wonderful job pulling all the bee blocks together and making it cohesive and then the quilting! The quilting and binding are amazing. Well done.

  2. You did an awesome job quilting this!! wow.

  3. Great quilting!! I love the improv - makes a great quilt!

  4. Love the design, the colours, the quilting ... Beautiful quilt.
    Jill (in Sydney, Australia)

  5. wow! that's really nice! i can't believe all the quilting. beautiful!

  6. Your ruler work is awesome! Wow! Great quilt!

  7. I love the chaotic look of this quilt with the pops of pomegranate and the quilting is the bomb!!!!!!

  8. I love the improv piecing. Great choice in colors. Nice finish.

  9. Your quilting is absolutely amazing. Ruler work with 1/4 quilting. WOW! I can only imagine how long that would have taken you. I still shy away with ruler work. I start it then end up free motion quilting it. One of those days might have to try it on a smaller quilt.

    I love everything about this quilt. Absolutely amazing!

  10. Love love love the way this turned out. Fabulous job!

  11. Such a fabulous quilt. The quilting is wonderful too

  12. I love it, I found you from Sew Mama Sew and am so glad I did!